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Rameumptom Ruminations: 008: Mormon Tinted Glasses

Do we perceive the world around us objectively? How would we know? Why can’t our believing friends and family see the truth when we point it out to them through credible sources? As nuanced and post Mormons, we have all been on both sides of the problem of ignoring facts and cherry-picking information. In this episode, Scott covers the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and how that relates to seeing the world through a Mormon lens. How we perceive the world says more about us than it does about the world.


A Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant

If the intuition must conform to the nature of the objects, I do not see how we can know anything of them a priori. If, on the other hand, the object conforms to the nature of our faculty of intuition, I can then easily conceive the possibility of such an priori knowledge.


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