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Ramuemptom Ruminations: 014: Elder Rasband Explains the Vaccine Recommendation

Elder Rasband visited my area over the weekend and gave a devotional. While I did not personally attend, a copy of the audio found its way to my desk. After listening to it I knew that a few of the key topics of discussion needed to be preserved as a part of the discourse on the subject of Mormonism. I asked a close friend of mine to sit through it with me and discuss the words of an apostle. Elder Ronald A. Rasband is accompanied by Sister Bonnie Cordon the Young Women General President.

Although most of the devotional is fairly standard, there are several interesting admissions throughout. Sister Cordon admits to nepotism within the church and Elder Rasband explains the reason why the first presidency counseled the world to mask up and get the vaccine.


11 thoughts on “Ramuemptom Ruminations: 014: Elder Rasband Explains the Vaccine Recommendation”

  1. The science behind the COVID vaccines was decades in the making and work started on them before there were any fasting events encouraged by the Church.

  2. OMG! Scott has such a velvety voice and a sexy laugh! 😂
    (I may be old, but I’m not dead. 😊😉)
    I really enjoy all your episodes.
    I grew up in Vancouver so I feel a special kinship to this podcast.
    Great job, guys.

  3. Thanks for the commentary and insights, kind of pulls back the curtain a little more. Is there a way to listen to the full audio?

  4. I was at a fireside with Elder Bednar in 2009. He explained how missionaries are called to their missions. Two Apostles are assigned each week to do the selection. They sit in front of a pair of Apple Mac screens and look at a picture of the missionary and read his/her details and on the other screen look at a map of the world and the missions of the Church. They then randomly assign that person to a mission somewhere on earth based on their feelings at that moment.

  5. Any way to obtain the audio from the area devotional, specifically statements from Elder Rasband and Sister Cordon, without your commentary or podcast overlay?

  6. Good job guys!

    It would be great if you did something about the church going off a cliff in Kirtland, and the end times servant we are expecting. has a bunch of posts about those subject, a recent geometric series of earthquakes, and amazing timing patterns.

  7. I had a personal witness of where I would serve a mission over a decade before I was called. I was 6 never doubted it untill the time between sending in my papers and receiving my call. I was called to the same country I was told 13 years prior I would serve in….. That aside that was then, Maybe they changed how they do it now

    I also have not liked the (gentle) manipulative ways more leaders are speaking these days.
    I am annoyed by the church stance on covid. I feel like I am E.T. Benson being disliked and disrespected by Hugh B. Brown. In my case It is church leadership telling me all is well in Zion be a good boy and do what we say.

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