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Rameumptom Ruminations: 058: A Peek Behind the Curtain at Church HQ Part 2 with Brian Harris

Brian Harris joins me one last time to finish our conversation about his time in church headquarters. Have you ever wondered what goes into implementing a new program at the church? Brian worked for the church for six years. Today we discuss a variety of subjects regarding the research he did for the church during his time there and how these survey results were used by the church.

In the episode we mention a few articles in the Salt Lake Tribune. Here are the referenced articles:

SL Tribune


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5 thoughts on “Rameumptom Ruminations: 058: A Peek Behind the Curtain at Church HQ Part 2 with Brian Harris”

  1. We were able to teach some Kazakh muslims in Mongolia. They were not as severe as others but we had to get permission from their parents or grandparents if they still lived with them. Never heard of anyone getting in trouble over it.

    1. I’ve heard this from a few people now. I wonder if it is left to the area authorities to decide how to proceed in these instances. I unfortunately don’t know for certain.

  2. Karla M. Friesenhahn

    I found the episodes with Brian Harris ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING. It was so interesting to hear about the data and research findings. I would love to hear more from him.
    I found the background sounds in the podcast very distracting. It was music, or digital sounds, or chirping. Iā€™m not sure what it was but it would be easier and more pleasing to listen to without all of that.

    1. I’m sorry about the audio quality in these episodes. Brian recorded from his home and during one episode one of his children was practicing piano and they have a bird in their home. I apologize for the poor audio quality. I record from a soundproofed room, but my guests don’t always have the perfect recording setup.

  3. It is true what he said about not teaching Muslims. Now they require permission but in the 90’s there was a simple ban on teaching them. However, it isn’t always clear that the person is a Muslim, like people from Indonesia who may not be practicing. Were ran into a lot of people from Indonesia here in Sydney, Australia.

    But back in the 90’s when I had something to do with missionary work, back then we were not allowed to teach the gospel to Muslims, It was a straight-out ban, similar to the priesthood ban on blacks in the 60′ in a way, because missionaries were simply told to walk away if the person or family were Muslim. I always used that as a sign of revelation because soon after came 9/11 and then the wars. So it was better to concentrate on others during the 90’s and wait until the time was right for teaching Muslims, at least those who are interested.

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