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Rameumptom Ruminations: 062: Revelation through Surveys

Is there still room for revelation within the LDS church? We learned last month from Brian Harris that the church uses surveys extensively in the decision-making process around its programs. What implications does this have on revelation within the church? In this episode, Scott discusses the idea of revelation and its space within LDS theology.

If you missed my interview with Brian Harris, you can find it in episodes 56-58.

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3 thoughts on “Rameumptom Ruminations: 062: Revelation through Surveys”

  1. Thanks for this recap. I agree that your interviews with Brian were fascinating and this put a nice bow on the topic.

    Your comment at the end about what the church says it is or acts like it is, compared to what members actually experience, reminded me of an analogy from the army. I was trained in the pre-GPS days when learning to navigate with a map and compass was a critical skill. They have a saying that when the map and the terrain don’t match, you always follow the terrain. As in if I think I’m on a certain point on the map that is a wooded mountainside, but I’m actually in a flat open grassy area, that I need to let go of where the map says I am and embrace the reality of where I actually am. This is exactly what you elaborated on for members, that the ones who realize the map and terrain don’t match but stay anyways usually end up adjusting or modifying their relationship with the church.

    1. Thank you for this insight. I may use some of your ideas in my next episode. I plan on going over some of my personal reactions to the episodes with Brian from a non believing perspective.

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