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Rameumptom Ruminations: 070: Welfare and Self Reliance Abroad

In this very special episode, Scott interviews a former full-time employee of the church who worked for the church in the Welfare and Self Reliance department overseas in a developing country. Today’s episode is part one of a two-part interview series. Be sure to check back next week as they continue their discussion.

Nolan, the interviewee, wishes to remain anonymous. In the discussion, they left identifying details out at his request.

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6 thoughts on “Rameumptom Ruminations: 070: Welfare and Self Reliance Abroad”

  1. Huh, sounds very similar to working for the federal government. Very dictatorial/authoritarian. A breeding ground wherein narcissism flourishes and democracy dies.

  2. One of the most telling points of the guest: Don’t tell leaders bad things, always make it positive.

    That confirms my suspicion that church leaders are surrounded by yes-men and sycophants that don’t dare give them useful information. Not only do leaders lack the pastoral and theological skills for substantive reforms, they may not even have good information.

  3. The first part about English classes and young people wanting to leave the country was exactly my mission experience. We actually were assigned to teach in universities, schools or private tutoring centers. And as I was there more and more natives were called to their own country much to their disappointment. No one wants to serve in the same district your home branch was in. For the first 10 years the church was in the country almost all missionaries sent out went foreign, most to the US. I understand why the church does this. They want these people to see how the church is run and come back and build it. The problem was most of those returned and were quickly frustrated and burned out and quit going. If they didn’t get in to one of the BYUs they would often go inactive.

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