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Rameumptom Ruminations: 097: Behind the Scenes at BYU-I Admissions

Brady Nordfelt joins the show again this week to continue their discussion about BYU-I admissions. Brady is a former BYU-I admissions office employee who brings a unique perspective to the discussion around Mormonism and LDS thought. In this episode, we dive deeper into his time working for the church and discuss some of his observations about the institution. The ideas expressed are from Brady’s perspective.

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4 thoughts on “Rameumptom Ruminations: 097: Behind the Scenes at BYU-I Admissions”

  1. Enjoyed both interviews with Brady. Also went back and listened to Erika’s episodes. What a gem she is.
    I was hoping to find out more about their stepping away from the Church. I know Brady through his mom and dad and I’m wondering their reaction. I was given Rough Stone Rolling to read by Brady’s dad. I think he was trying to inoculate me to some Church history.😁

    1. Hi Margo, I am so sorry, but I am not recalling who you are? Maybe Scott will just have to have both me and Erika on at the same time and we will dissect the specifics of our leaving the church. And maybe we read the same copy, because the copy of rough stone rolling I read was my Dads as well.

      1. Well, I must have made quite an impression on you the few times we met. 😂 I was your dad’s admin for the FM group. Please do that interview! I never finished RSR because I was so disgusted by JS family and their stupidity or whatever the heck was wrong with them.
        I no longer work for the church. I was in the same position as you. I’m not really “out” about my relationship with the church. Mostly because I know the disappointment of people like your mom and dad. And because so many will say “see, that’s a Democrat for you!”
        I’d love to visit sometime. We can talk about that girl you dumped because she had her ears pierced twice!

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