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Rameumptom Ruminations: 022: October 2021 General Conference Review: Saturday Morning Session

General conference for October 2021 has come and gone. For the next few weeks, each of my episodes will be a breakdown of each session. As the title states, this episode will focus on the Saturday morning session.


4 thoughts on “Rameumptom Ruminations: 022: October 2021 General Conference Review: Saturday Morning Session”

  1. I am going to leave a few comments as I listen to your commentary. I think Sister Cordon’s talk was the “empty calories” in the “feast” of General Conference. “YAY for the covenant path!”

  2. I liked these quotes from Elder Gilbert: “Finally, let me share two areas of counsel for those with elevated starting points. First, can we show some humility for circumstances we may not have created ourselves?…Second, focusing on a high starting point can often trap us into feeling that we are thriving when in fact our inner slope may be quite stagnant.” As a person who has been given just about every opportunity in life, I should show some humility for those who may not have had all of those advantages.

  3. For Elder Oaks’ talk, I highly recommend reading the original source of the “Kenneth and Lucille” example at the beginning: Here is just a sample: “Don’t you see that if we are going to spend eternity with the Lord, we have to earn that privilege by doing what he asks of us?… Don’t you see that the program of the Church is really the plan of salvation, the way by which we develop those Christlike traits that make us like him?…Let me ask you, Kenneth: Where do you want your wife to spend eternity? Where your children? Do you want to keep them together with you forever? Or do you plan on a separation sometime? Do you want your wife to spend eternity bereft of husband and children because you held back in mortality? Do you want your children to spend eternity as orphans, without family ties to father and mother, because you held back in mortality? Don’t you realize that what you do affects the eternal life of both your wife and your children?” This is horrible manipulation.

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