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Rameumptom Ruminations: 077: A Break for My Mental Health

After a short break, Scott returns to the podcast. Many people that leave the LDS faith are warned against leaving with threats of an unhappy life. “Your family will fall apart,” or “You’ll face incredible challenges in the workplace.” They uphold the idea that the problem of suffering only exists outside of the faith. In this episode, he discusses some of his mental health struggles.

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4 thoughts on “Rameumptom Ruminations: 077: A Break for My Mental Health”

  1. I wanted to reach out about my story. I was a Utah born Mormon. I was an active LDS woman my whole like (served a mission, Relief Society Preseident, attended BYU, taught at the MTC for almost 4 years from). I have also dealt mental health struggles. During my time at the MTC (2015-2018), I became a Training Coordinator and dealt with the new MTC building renovations. I learned about struggles the church was having with baptisms. In fact, there were meetings where they surveyed new members why they joined or what deterred them from joining. We found out that most new members never read the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith was the largest deterrent from joining. We often had discussions about restructuring the missionary lessons so that Joseph Smith wasn’t a huge focus. I have many stories from my time working for the church and I would love to share more with you. I have left the church since my time at the MTC, and I am looking to share my experiences in hopes it helps others understand the church and their faith. I hope you are well. Best Regards -Megan Spence

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