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Rameumptom Ruminations: 090: Does Jesus Need $32,000,000,000?

What counsel do the leaders of the church give to Bishops in regard to the handling of the lord’s funds? Are they following their own counsel? Continuing the discussion from last week on the SEC charges against the LDS church, Scott tries to put into perspective the size of the number 1 billion. Last month February 2023, The Security and Exchange Commission filed charges against Ensign Peak Advisors Inc. Ensign Peak is a non-profit operated by the LDS church.

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2 thoughts on “Rameumptom Ruminations: 090: Does Jesus Need $32,000,000,000?”

  1. In the last couple of weeks the LDS church has donated a lot of water rights to the state of Utah. In addition, they have cut back water usage on the lawns at Temple Square by up to 2/3. While one can argue that this is long overdue, at the same time it’s the largest positive step that the church has taken to show that cares about environmental stewardship in my lifetime. You might consider doing a positive episode about the church and what it is doing on the environment front.

    1. I have been a bit critical in my last few episodes. Don’t worry. Next week will be a change in tone. I’ve got a special guest that is an active believing member and biblical scholar. We dig into some interesting topics. When I circle back to this subject the following week, I’ll be sure to mention your comment.

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